Welcome to Site Assessment and Training Services

We offer a wide range of online e-learning training courses designed to enhance people’s Skills & Knowledge in the topic areas of Health & Safety; Business & Leadership Skills; and Health & Social Care-FREE TRIALS are available for all topics with prices of £15-£35 for each fully certified training course.

We specialise in a range of Business support services to small organisations, primarily within the Construction Industry, especially those who do not have or cannot afford to employ full time in-house experts to manage key aspects of their business.

Every business in the UK must have a Competent Person to advise on Health & Safety matters - this is what we can do for you!

Under the key UK Health & Safety Regulations such as the Management Regs & the CDM Regs 2015, a range of “Duty Holders”: Clients, Designers & Contractors must work together to Plan & Co-ordinate their work (no matter how small), for commercial & domestic works. We offer an advisory service as well as providing workable solutions for all "Duty Holders" to help meet their Legal responsibilities.

If you are in business and wonder “who can I ask for help” to deal with the issues that take up valuable time, taking you away from what you excel at or would prefer to do - ask us!