Feedback from the Working Well Together - Scaffolding & Work at Height Event

The free event run Under the Working Well Together Campaign on Tuesday 11th July 2017 looked at issues and developments relating to Scaffolding and Work at Height, with presentations / sessions on items such as: what the HSE looks for when they visit site and the very real human cost if things go wrong which is what we are all looking to avoid; information on tool tethering (with some scary videos on what can happen to a hard hat when tools drop from height showing why it is important); plenty of information regarding scaffolding (with a practical inspection exercise); tower scaffold and Podium demonstrations; other lower level solutions mainly used by bricklayers; what to look for when purchasing harnesses and inspection requirements; and safe ladder usage. 

From the scaffolding perspective, there are a few key documents that must be kept on site - a copy of the Scaffold Design or TG20 Compliance Sheet (unless it is a 'System Scaffold' in which case something confirming that would be good); Signed Handover Certificate; and Completed inspection records (inspections to be done by a Competent person every 7 days - good practice is also to attach Scafftags or similar to the scaffold).  Not having any of these could lead to HSE actions against you.